In the light of the announcement made on 16-March-2020 by the Prime Minister and his Health Advisors, we regret to inform you that, with immediate effect, all Wokingham U3A activities will cease until further notice.

For absolute clarification, this means that unless and until further advice is given by the Committee, all group activities must cease.

The Committee will fully digest the PM’s announcement and issue updates to members as the situation develops. Meanwhile please do not attend any groups meeting under the auspices of Wokingham U3A.

Ian Grainge

16th March 2020

Below are copies of Emails sent by the Committee to all Members:

20th March 2020


Good Evening to you all,

Here we are, almost one week into this wholly unexpected battle that we face, with panic-buying rife, hospitals turning away patients, holidays cancelled, stock market looking like the Doomsday Book, but we’re still here, and we will still be here when it has all passed over.

I wrote to you on behalf of the Committee earlier this week setting out the immediate actions we had been advised to take, and our COBRA section met again yesterday (that’s all of us, by the way). We met via Zoom (a bit like Skype), which is new to me, but it worked. There in plain sight, were the smiling faces of all Committee members listening and putting forward their ideas as to how best to keep things going during this crisis. I commend this sort of system to you, – have a practice.

We’re working on various initiatives that will help you all stay in touch and, wherever possible, keep your Groups in contact with each other. When we have tested these, I’ll be in touch again with further advice from our technological wizards.

This is a moveable feast, – we’re in uncharted waters – mix whatever metaphor you like, but we, the Committee, are doing what we can to keep you up to date with what is, what may be, or what is not possible, and there will be many more communications from us in this vein.

Convenors will be getting a separate briefing next week, largely on the subject of inter-Group member communication, so keep your eyes open for that.

In the meantime, try to be happy and keep healthy and well.

Kind Regards

Ian Grainge


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