Group Description

Our aim as a group is to exchange views and become better informed on the basics of how our universe was formed, what are the building blocks, and how does it all work?  We want to learn more about ideas such as Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, black holes (and will they allow time travel), how does gravity fit in with quantum mechanics, what is string theory, is it really necessary to have more than four dimensions for all this to work and how many universes are there anyway (Stephen Hawking thought there were lots)?

None of us are experts in this matter and agree with the statement by a famous physicist that “if you think you understand Quantum Mechanics, then you clearly do not”.  We don’t expect to become experts, but hope to be able to at least understand some of the basic concepts, and have some entertaining discussions.

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  • Category Science & Technology
  • Day Monday
  • Time 14:00
  • Postcode Wokingham: RG41
  • Week No's 1
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