Creative Photography

Group Description

The goal of this group is to try and ‘create’ rather than ‘take’ photographs.

Our aim is to try and improve our camera, visualisation, seeing, understanding and post-processing skills by experimenting and exploring all the different aspects of the art of photography.

This is a self-help group, learning as we go along and from the research, work and experiments with each other rather than being taught how and what to do – so we all stumble down the road together in a quest for creativity!

We do this by everybody trying the same monthly assignments and then getting together to learn from each other.

One can use any type of camera as it is the ‘eye’ and ‘thought’ that is needed, regardless of technical skill.

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  • Category Science & Technology
  • Day Monday
  • Time 10:00
  • Postcode Reading: RG7
  • Week No's 2
  • Availability Group Full
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