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Facebook – Is it a Group or is it a Page?

We have both a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page, but many of you will probably ask why?  What is the difference? 

The Facebook GROUP is classified as ‘Private’ and is restricted to members of Wokingham u3a only.  

The most important thing is that on clicking the JOIN button, you will need to enter your Wu3a membership number, so that we can verify and approve your application.  This helps keep us secure from unwanted ‘guests’!! 

Once your application to join has been approved, you will be able to see and communicate with our Facebook GROUP members.

In the Facebook GROUP, you will find news, views, group activities, future events, and more. 

  • To join the Facebook GROUP, search in Facebook for

Wokingham u3a members only

Have your Wu3a membership number handy.


The Facebook PAGE, in contrast, is classified as ‘Public’ and its content is visible for the whole world to see.  It is however, aimed at people who are local to Wokingham and the surrounding areas.  Anyone can take a look, including our Wu3a members.  Joining is not required.

We use our Facebook PAGE to promote interest in our u3a and to attract new members.

  • To view the Facebook PAGE, search in Facebook for

Wokingham u3a


The Wu3a Facebook Admin Team – We have a busy Facebook Admin Team, whose job is to keep an eye on things and ensure our Facebook Group and Facebook Page are kept secure, up-to-date and relevant.

Are you new to Facebook and/or do you need help with Facebook?   

Contact the Admin Team by clicking on the button – CONTACT THIS GROUP.  (Found after signing into the Members’ Area)

Are you interested in getting involved behind the scenes?  The Admin Team would be pleased to hear from you.   Click on the button – CONTACT THIS GROUP.  (Via the Members’ Area)

Sign-in via the Members' Area to view additional information about this Group.

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