Group Description

This group meets each month, on the second Friday and fourth Friday, meetings start at 10 a.m and end at about 12 p.m. We have an average membership of about twelve and the number of members attending each meeting is usually between six and eight. We don’t have a fixed venue but we meet in members houses and try more or less to take it in turns.

Each person attending is given the opportunity to speak in French for about 5 – 10 minutes on any topic he or she chooses – favourite subjects are holiday experiences, days out, theatre or cinema visits , newspaper items and so on. We don’t mind if the speaker uses previously prepared notes but each short presentation usually stimulates some discussion or questions so there is also an opportunity for some spontaneous French chat. This format does ensure that everyone has the chance to speak some French and it is mixed with the less formal discussion afterwards but if you can’t think of a topic at any time simply come along and join in the French chat.

We are not a teaching group and total fluency in French is not expected, but we have a number of members who are fluent or near fluent and are able to help and correct other members when we don’t get it quite right or we are at a loss for the right word. We have no hard and fast rules but reasonable knowledge of the grammar and a fairly good vocabulary is about the required standard. If, for example, you learnt French at school or college to a reasonable level and haven’t used it in recent years this might provide you with the opportunity to brush up on the language. We hope that these few paragraphs give you an idea of what the group is about and encourage you to give it a try.

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  • Category Language & Philosophy
  • Day Friday
  • Time 10:00
  • Postcode Varies
  • Week No's 2,4
  • Availability
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