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The Latin group was started in 2001 for people who had either never learned Latin or who were very rusty and eighteen years along, the group has become fairly proficient. Group members are expected to prepare/ translate 30-40 lines before each meeting, and at the meetings we take turns to read aloud and translate. There is ample opportunity for discussion and looking into the background of what we are working on.  We do have some diversions, for example playing “Call my Bluff” using Latin words and our annual Saturnalia celebration is becoming a tradition.

We vary our reading between poetry and prose, and have in the past read Vergil’s Aeneid Book 6, some of Pliny’s letters, a selection from Bede’s History of the English Speaking Church and a selection of the writings of Cicero – his speeches, letters and philosophical works.   We have also read from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and are currently (Autumn 2019 onwards)  reading extracts from Livy’s  Ab Urbe Condita.

Notwithstanding the above, we have been able to incorporate members into the group who do not have recent experience of studying Latin, but this does require a degree of commitment and hard work from them.

Because of the structure of the group sessions the group size is normally limited to ten.  Please contact the convenor for the up-to-date situation regarding the number in the group.

From time to time we have been contacted by people interested in learning Latin.  There is currently an Intermediate group (founded as beginners in 2016) , and a newly founded Beginners’ group (as of September 2019). If anyone is interested in this, please contact me or the Convenor of this new group.

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  • Category Language & Philosophy
  • Day Wednesday
  • Time 14:30
  • Postcode Varies
  • Week No's 1,3
  • Availability
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