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Each meeting deals with a mathematical topic, usually presented by a member of the group. Topics in the recent past have included counter-intuitive probability, the mathematics of paper folding, catenaries and parabolas, the brachistochrone problem, Abel and the quintic equation, the Lambert W function, mathematical puzzles, maths and the arts and the maths of bell-ringing. Each meeting last about two hours and there is usually a lively discussion. We are not following a curriculum but dealing with subjects which interest us and of which at least one member knows something.

There is no entry requirement beyond an interest in and enthusiasm for mathematics. However, to get the best out of the talks and discussions, mathematics to A Level is recommended as a minimum. Some sessions assume familiarity with standard mathematical notation.

You are welcome to come along and sample a session. If you are not a member of the U3A Maths Group but would like to join us or just sample a meeting please contact the convenor so that I can tell you where the next meeting will take place.

Below are some presentations given by group members. To access these presentations follow this link to the Members’ Area

  • The Lambert W Function and its Applications
  • Business Models
  • Kepler
  • Quantum Mechanics Boltzmann Parition Function
  • Archimedes
  • Curl_DMcQuillian
  • Grad Div and Curl
  • Roundness and coins
  • Vector Cross Product and Orthogonal Systems
  • Projective Geometry_McQuillan
  • Linear and Muliple Regression in the Language of Linear Algebra
  • Linear Algebra  Vectors and Angles
  • Determinants and systems of equations
  • Hilbert Axioms_McQillan
  • Spirals
  • 2,3,4, not 5
  • Doyle Spiral Circle Packings Animated
  • Catenaries, Parabolas and Suspension Bridges
  • Johann Lambert
  • Easily Stated Conjectures
  • My Adventures with Bayes
  • The Mathematics of the Stewart Platform
  • Transcendental Numbers and the Gelfond-Schneider Theorem
  • Matrix Methods in Ecology
  • Rebuilding a Robotic Arm
  • Threes
  • Quantum Mechanics_Boltzmann_Parition Function

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  • Category Science & Technology
  • Day Thursday
  • Time 10:00
  • Postcode Wokingham: RG40
  • Week No's 1
  • Availability
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