Group Description

We follow the U3A’s approach to shared learning: at each meeting we watch a lecture which lasts about 30 minutes, then discuss it followed by a tea break and then watch a second lecture. Currently, we are looking at a series of lectures on Free Will and Determinism which are given by Shaun Nichols from the University of Arizona. This lecture series comprises 24 individual lectures and allows members to bring ideas from their wide variety of backgrounds and interests to provide stimulating discussion in friendly company.

Typical lecture titles are:

  • What is free will? What is required for us to be morally responsible?
  • Causal determinism
  • Utilitarianism and Free will
  • The Ethics of Punishment
  • Moral Responsibility and Psychopathy

We welcome new members with an interest in philosophy, or theoretical aspects of other disciplines and applications to everyday life.

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  • Category Language & Philosophy
  • Day Wednesday
  • Time 10:00
  • Postcode Varies
  • Week No's 4
  • Availability
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