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Science has made us aware that what is around us may be huge, awesome, sometimes devastating, or invisible and incredibly strange; that scale and interaction gives us different and often conflicting perspectives. What we find is frequently unexpected, perplexing and often forces us to reimagine and rethink.

The Group will focus on areas of Science that stretch the mind. New discoveries and interesting applications of science. New theories and experiments that will/could change our lives and those of our descendants.

Where possible we will invite speakers with a sound understanding of a topic to inform and start the discussion. Some meetings will concentrate on a single topic and others will have more than one subject to get your teeth into. We welcome Members’ ideas for topics and speakers (themselves or others) that will be stimulating and thought provoking.

This group developed from the Cosmology and Quantum Mechanics for Dummies Group which had a rich history of exciting and stimulating meetings.

A program of Zoom meetings is planned to start in October and return to normal meeting in the following year.

Please contact the convenor for further information

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