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Tai Chi was developed over a thousand years ago and is based on a blend of ancient Chinese philosophy, Chinese medicine and martial arts. It’s an excellent form of exercise that develops strength, balance, energy and co-ordination whilst the practitioner remains in a relaxed but focused state. Tai Chi suits all ages and fitness levels because of its slow, controlled movements and exercises. It helps relaxation, reduces stress and assists with good balance and posture. So it’s very suitable for people of the 3rd age.

This group practises Yang style Tai Chi. We start with a warm up each session, usually followed by Shibashi (the 18 Movements of Chi Kung). This is a sequence of 18 exercises done from a standing position in a fluid continuous way. It is performed with a calm mind, good posture, and deep abdominal breathing – and is very relaxing. Here is a simplified version:

We are also continuing to improve ‘The 24 Forms’, which is a series of 24 movements of short form Tai Chi, Yang style. This gentle form is one of the most popular forms practised around the world today. You can see the 24 Tai Chi movements done by an expert here:

We meet each Friday in the upper room at Woosehill Community Centre from 3:00 to 4:00.

Please see the diary section of your newsletter for further details. This class is intended for people with some experience of Yang style Tai Chi.

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  • Category Physical Activities
  • Day Friday
  • Time 15:00
  • Postcode Wokingham: RG41
  • Week No's all
  • Availability
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