Group Description

Our group has been running successfully for about 20 years. None of us is qualified to teach, but we all share one common enthusiasm – we like to write.  Meetings are held at members’ houses.  We read out our pieces of work, followed by refreshments and chat.

We decide democratically what the next month’s topic will be. To give an idea of the range of topics, some recent subjects have included: Tomorrow Never Comes, The Accident (written from three different viewpoints), and a Nursery Rhyme or Fairy Story from the point of view of one of the characters.

The work produced can be factual or fictional, prose or poetry, and each month we are amazed at the variety of the pieces produced. Once or twice a year we do “on the spot” writing exercises, which are usually a lot of fun.

We also enjoy what we call a “continuing story”.  Everyone writes the first section of a story before passing it on to another member who writes the second section.  It is passed on again for the third and final section to be written by someone who will then read out the “completed” story at the next meeting.

Sometimes we choose something a bit different, such as a piece of writing suggested by a picture, or a piece in the style of a well-known writer. We all felt a bit intimidated about this last topic, but were very pleased to discover that, when the results of our labours were read out, the “style” of every single piece was recognised by at least one or two members of the group. 

We are not a group offering criticism on work which is intended for publication. We enjoy writing for the pleasure it gives to ourselves and the other members of the group so if this appeals to you, please get in touch.

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  • Category Arts & Literature
  • Day Wednesday
  • Time 14:30
  • Postcode Varies
  • Week No's 2
  • Availability Group Full
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