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The group was first set up in 2020 during the lockdown for the Coronavirus Pandemic, as an additional way of communicating and keeping in touch with our members, during what proved to be a difficult and challenging period in our lives.

THE YOUTUBE TEAM – The members of our creative and technical YouTube team work their magic on what are often doubtful Zoom recordings or maybe a set of PowerPoint slides, managing to turn them into wonderful videos for our YouTube Channel. 

Some of our videos are produced to promote our u3a to the rest of the world, in particular to the people of Wokingham and surrounding areas.   By classifying these videos as ‘Public’, they can be viewed by searching on YouTube for ‘Wokingham u3a’.  

However, the majority of our videos are kept private on the YouTube channel and are not available to the general public.   Wokingham u3a members are able to view our private videos by going to the Home Entertainment page on the website.

HOME ENTERTAINMENT – We have a dedicated ‘Home Entertainment’ page in the members’ area of the Wokingham u3a website.  There is a link on the Home page which, after entering the Wu3a Username and Password, will take you to the Home Entertainment page.  Why not take a look? 

There is a wide selection of YouTube videos available for all our members to view and enjoy.   For example you’ll find recordings of interesting and informative talks given via Zoom at our Members’ Meetings.  Some of our groups have kindly provided us with recordings of presentations they have given to their own groups.  There is also music from the Guitar Group, poetry from the Poetry Groups, photos from the Creative Photography group and even a Pub Crawl around Wokingham.  What more could one want?  Choose a film, sit back and enjoy.


JOIN THE TEAM –If you are interested in finding out more and becoming involved with the production of our YouTube videos, why not contact the team.  We would be pleased to hear from you.   Click on ‘Contact this Group’.  (First sign in to the Members’ Area.)

Click on this link – The story behind the Wu3a YouTube channel – YouTube

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