From a small beginning early in 2003 when the first M.O.T.O group started we now have a number of very successful groups, each with a membership of approximately 40 members.

In general, each group holds an events meeting every month, where they decide on a variety of outings they wish to participate in. This is wide and varied from Sunday lunch, theatre outings, visits to museums, stately homes, laws courts in London, Windsor Races and the Garter Ceremony, to name but a few.

Since M.O.T.O started in 2003 it has gone from strength to strength, fulfilling a much needed gap for members who are on their own, wishing to meet other members in the same boat.

Our thanks to the overwhelming number of M.O.T.O members who have organised such successful and varied outings, and in doing so, have given much pleasure to other members and contributed to the success of M.O.T.O, and of course U3A.

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