Posted on 11th February 2020 by Neil Goodhand
Wokingham U3A have been approached by a fully qualified Pilates instructor, who is currently running classes for other U3A’s, and we are going forward with setting up a group.
Pilates is a low impact exercise designed to strengthen the centre of the body, tone muscles, improve posture and increase flexibility. Exercises are done sitting or lying on an aerobics mat. 
Pilates concentrates on core strength and the movement of each muscle with precision. Each exercise has specific movements and breathing, with repetitions.
Pilates differs from other forms of exercise in that it concentrates on the deep muscles essential for stability. It will improve your body awareness and, through specific breathing techniques, teach you how to maximise your abdominal control and strength.
You need comfortable clothing, have socks or go barefoot and bring a yoga/exercise mat.
For more information or to express an interest in doing the group please contact Chris Melhuish at

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