Welcome to Wokingham u3a

No longer working full-time or raising a family? 

Now’s the time to make the most of life
Wokingham u3a gives you the chance to develop your interests, 
make new friends and enjoy yourself.


We are a friendly vibrant community with over 2000 members from Wokingham and surrounding areas, with more than 180 activity and interest groups, including language, arts, music, science, technology, even wine and beer appreciation. You can enjoy Members Meetings and Events, monthly talks, coffee mornings, leisure activities, fitness classes, outings, quizzes and much more.  

Our members are making the most of life by continuing their creative, educational or social interests in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.
Members with a lifetime of experience, expertise or know-how in professions, occupations or through hobbies are encouraged to form activity groups to share their knowledge with fellow members.

Why not join us for the opportunity to develop your interests, make new friends and have fun.

A world of new experiences awaits you at Wokingham u3a, so what’s stopping you?

Learn, Laugh and Live


Members’ Area: click here where more information is available to our existing Wokingham u3a members.  Enter the ‘User Name’, which can be found in the Newsletter on the same page as the Committee Members, followed by the ‘Password’ which can be found in the membership documents sent to you annually.

List of Groups: click here for the current list of activity and interest groups.

Group Availability: click here to find out which groups are open to new members.

Group News: click here for all the latest news about the groups.  For example, which groups are still operating during the current restrictions, which groups are looking for new members and potential new groups.

Facebook Group: click here to join our private, members’ only Facebook GROUP, where our members can keep in touch with other members, share news about their activity and interest groups, exchange information, views and photographs.

Facebook Page: click here to view our Facebook PAGE, the window to the world, where we promote and advertise our u3a to prospective new members.

YouTube Videos:  Click here to view our HOME ENTERTAINMENT Page of YouTube videos, visible only within the Members’ Area.  (User name and password required).  Choose your video, click on the link and sit back to enjoy any one of these wonderful presentations given by our own members.  Recent addition are Christmas videos curtesy of Peter McHale of the Gardening Group plus music from the Intermediate Guitar Group. 



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