Posted on 29th May 2019 by Neil Goodhand

The Concorde Exhibition was truly enjoyable and enlightening . Our tour guide Graham had plenty of humorous stories and mind boggling info regarding the aircraft itself the history of the build between the AngloFrench and many factual operating details .  The first flight was in 1969 sadly the cost of flying this aircraft was considerable and a decision was made in 2003 to cease flights The cost of a return trip to New York was between £4350- £8292.00.  This journey would have taken 3.5hrs, what a joy compared to today’s journey time. We were all able to sit in the cockpit of the simulated Concorde which had so many instruments to look at. The cockpit was small as was the plane itself only catering for 92-128 passengers.

The Museum has only been open for 18 months  and besides the Concorde Exhibition there were other aeroplanes, helicopters, missiles, satellites, engines and much more to see as well as interactive exhibits. Well worth a visit. 

Jacky Smith

Event Co-ordinator

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