Posted on 31st May 2016 by Neil Goodhand

Royal Holloway College would like U3As to join with them in a Project to explore the history of liberty, protest and reform, from Magna Carta to the present day.  This could include the story of local heroes and heroines who have had the courage to stand up for their beliefs, as well as whole movements.  Examples might be workers’ protests, religious martyrs, Suffragettes, conscientious objectors, etc.

The Project would be led and guided by Royal Holloway, who will host an annual reception for those involved in the research.  Local museums and archive centres would provide support.  The eventual outcome is hoped to be a website providing valuable information, particularly for students and school children.

More information is provided here.

At this stage, they are just looking for expressions of interest from anyone in the U3A who would like to know more about the Project.  There is no commitment, just a desire to be kept “in the loop”.

For more information please contact Patsy Thornton

Shared Learning Projects Co-ordinator for the South East


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